Blitz Lead Manager

Blitz Lead Manager by Double A Solutions

The Blitz Lead Management Software is designed to keep you organized and focused on the sales process. Since Blitz is web-based software, it can be accessed from any computer or phone with an internet connection. Sales leads are valuable and by using lead management software, you have a central hub to help keep both management and the sales staff up to date and focused on the same goal – make the sale. Leads can come from websites, mobile devices, spreadsheets, lead providers or just entered manually. 


  • With a Lead management system like Blitz, the process will be promoted by features like scheduling follow-ups and interactions as leads move through the sales process. 

  • Also, within the Blitz lead tracking software you can look across a range of criteria to determine which sales opportunities are producing the highest close rate so that you can change your marketing strategy to maximize your sales.