Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate by Blackboard Inc

Combining the capabilities of industry leaders Wimba and Elluminate, Blackboard Collaborate provides a comprehensive online learning and collaboration platform designed specifically for education. It is helping thousands of higher education, K-12, professional, corporate, and government organizations worldwide deliver a more effective learning experience through blended and mobile learning online collaboration tools. And it will help you open up all-new aspects of real time, or anytime, learning to engage more students and improve outcomes.


  • Web Conferencing Take live engagement online. Deliver highly engaging and effective virtual classroom activities, meetings, webinars, professional development, blended learning, and help across your academic enterprise. - Voice Authoring Create a more engaging and effective asynchronous environment by adding a voice authoring component to facilitate vocal instruction, collaboration, language study, personalized coaching, and assessment. 
  • Mobile Collaboration Give today's active learners the interaction they want with live participation in classes and meetings on their mobile devices—anytime, anywhere, and from any LMS. - Integrations Deliver a seamless experience that combines Blackboard Collaborate with a wide variety of learning and course management systems Feel confident about deploying Blackboard Collaborate with any LMS. 
  • Enterprise Instant Messaging Create a learning network to support office hours, school services, impromptu meetings, one-to-one collaboration, student help, and desktop video conferencing—all initiated through presence and instant messaging. - Licensing Our simple, flat-fee licensing model meets your needs for departmental deployment or enterprise-wide adoption. Get unlimited learning with the complete Blackboard Collaborate platform.