Bitam Artus®
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Bitam Artus® by Bitam

Artus®, Bitam's fully integrated business intelligence platform, provides organizations with access to the information they need and when they need it in order to make comprehensive and effective business decisions. Unlike other business intelligence solutions, Artus® provides management dashboards and ad-hoc analysis within one product, thus providing a single solution for all of your business intelligence needs. 


  • Monitor key performance indicators. 
  • Slice, dice and drill into underlying detail. - Perform trend analysis. 
  • Use powerful statistical functions, predictive modeling, and what-if analysis. 
  • Apply thresholds and alerts for exception analysis. 
  • Integrate visualization components into other existing applications such as intranets, portals or customer extranets. 
  • Create personalized dashboards for each area of the business.