Birst BI
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Birst BI by Birst Inc.

Birst is the first enterprise business intelligence software platform uniquely made to automate the process of unifying and refining data across both centralized and decentralized realms. Birst creates an open, trusted, business-ready data tier for data mining and data warehousing security — and provides highly customizable business analytics experiences to meet the needs of every business user. 

*What BI/IT leaders get only with Birst: 
  • A fast, trusted view of all data with proprietary business  intelligence dashboards, accessible at business speed through 2-Tier Analytics technology, Automated Data Refinement, and a Uniform Business  Model.  
  • Consistency, speed, and adaptability across all business user experiences, meeting individual BI software needs with an open platform that accommodates third-party business analytic and BI tools. 
  •  Fastest time to value with fewer resources, enabling a parallel BI development process, through virtualized business intelligence solutions and true cloud architecture. Agile processes help companies to harness big data and use it for growth and operational efficiency.


  • With Birst, you can extend the life of your legacy business intelligence tools and empower people as never before. Help intelligence analysts to reach in and get data for agile decision making, and develop real, actionable insights based on business intelligence and analytics built on an elegant platform. 
  • Our platform helps ensure the trust, integrity, and consistency of all the data upon which so much of your success as an enterprise depends. With our self-service BI applications, companies are really able to bring order to chaotic business processes, and enjoy robust security in a world where data breaches hurt business.