BIME Analytics
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BIME Analytics by BIME

Deliver fast, easy and powerful Business Intelligence to your organization with only a browser. BIME allows you to connect to both the online and the on-premise world in the same place. Create connections to all your data sources, create and execute queries and view your dashboards easily - all within BIME's beautifully intuitive interface. 


  • SAFE, PRIVATE AND SECURE BIME is primarily an analytical tool, not a database. Uploading data can ease collaboration and boost performance but is not actually necessary. When making a basic connection you can opt out of using a BIME storage option. The data will then be kept in a local memory or in the original data source. Alternatively, you can use a Bime storage option that will take a snapshot of the data that is uploaded to the cloud. 
  • CLEVER CALCULATIONS - Create groups, sets and pretty much any custom calculation to transform your data on the fly. 
  • MIX DATASOURCES - No need to gather all your data in a single place for analysis across sources. The QueryBlender is a feature that allows you to mix data very simply and display results on the same chart. 
  • FINE GRAINED TIME MANIPULATION - Create powerful time sliding windows on your data without writing any code. Get your data for last month, last quarter, and compare to the previous three months...