BAZ Enterprise Spend Process Management Software

BAZ Enterprise Spend Process Management Software by Empronc Solutions Pvt. Ltd

BAZ on the enterprise data bus should be an imperative solution for all leading process oriented organizations. Use of BAZ, increases efficiencies in financial productivity, data integrity, policy-change-risk management, transaction transparency. Can integrate with any ERP and extend ERP framework to the bottom of the pyramid (thus connecting all within an organization in the spend space). All this results in cost optimization, compliance with reduced risks and better controls


  • On-line budget tracking for spend management - multi tier matrices
  • Forced Empanelment ensuring vendor concentration
  • Rate contracts visibility and traceability
  • Catalogue based ordering for standard items
  • Spend visibility and controls through functional workflows for need approval, procurement workflows for order release, business approvals for invoice payments
  • Limiting and controlling non standard payments to vendors
  • Visibility and auto pay schedules of rental agreements