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BaseCamp by 37signals, LLC

Basecamp keeps all your projects, data, and people in one place. No matter how many projects you have, or how many people you have working on them, Basecamp keeps everything organized. All your projects stored safely in one place online.


  • Easily stay on top of your projects or catch up if you’ve been away. 
  • Know exactly what’s happening in all your projects right now. - With Basecamp, your team will always know what’s on their plate. 
  • Basecamp is famously easy to use.Fast, obvious, and instantly intuitive. Basecamp is the gold standard for clear, simple, hassle-free, easy-to-use software. 
  • You’re in complete control of who can see which projects. Just you, you and your team, a few people from a few departments, an outside contractor, your client. It’s your call.