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Backblaze by Backblaze

Backblaze is the unlimited company - unlimited data, unlimited file size, unlimited bandwidth. Backblaze is the only cloud backup solution that backs up all your photos, movies, music and documents automatically. Of course you can also pick what not to backup in Backblaze Settings. Any deleted files will be retained for 30 days.


  • Backup Everything Backblaze backs up everything on your computer except your operating system, applications and temporary files.  Includes the data on connected external USB Hard Drives. - Online Backup Whether directly connected or over WiFi, If you are connected to the Internet, you are backing up.
  • Backup Continuously Files change and Backblaze backs them up. By default, Backblaze simply backs up all the time so you don't have to remember. But if you wish, you can schedule Backblaze to backup at a convenient time or only when you click "Backup Now". 
  • Secure Online Backup Backup Securely Your data is encrypted on your computer, sent over an encrypted connection, and stored encrypted. 
  • Backup External DrivesUse a USB or Firewire-connected drive for additional storage or backups? Backblaze will backup those too. Learn how we backup external drives. 
  • Backup Multiple Computers Mom has a laptop, dad has a desktop, and kids share another computer? Backblaze can backup each of these to one account for just $5 per computer per month.