Axcelerate eDiscovery

Axcelerate eDiscovery by Recommind

Powerful technology is rarely this simple. Axcelerate 5 sets a new standard for eDiscovery software – a complete review and analysis platform with industry-leading analytics and unprecedented ease-of-use. No external processing needed, no browser plugins to install, with automated workflows and streamlined administration. It’s about time.


  • Early Insights Find the documents that will make or break your case – faster and more reliably. Axcelerate 5’s search, categorization and analytics amplify your legal skills. 
  • Review Efficiency Review what matters – smarter, faster, and more accurately. Axcelerate 5 helps legal teams achieve new heights of document review productivity 
  • Confidence and Control Take the wheel, without hesitation. Axcelerate 5 is intuitive, interactive, and transparent, to put you in control of your data – and your strategy.