AVG Internet Security Business Edition
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AVG Internet Security Business Edition by AVG Technologies

Enjoy complete security protection from all types of viruses, and on all of your files, laptops & servers. 

Manage your endpoint solution & server anti-virus solution directly from the application. It allows you to easily deploy the anti-virus on all devices & to manage any situation from a single console. 

The application scans & checks the security of your mails before you receive them. 

The Smart Scanner automatically scans your data when you are not using it. Thanks to all these tools, your data is securely stored & inaccessible to hackers.


  • Business Firewall
  • Prevent spreading of viruses, worms & trojans
  • Skyware & adware
  • Free business technical support
  • Remote endpoint management
  • File server security
  • Endpoint security (PC/laptop)
  • Email server security
  • Email protection
  • Complete network protection
  • Anti-rootkit & antimalware
  • Smart scanner of your data
  • Network protection