Avaya Communicator

Avaya Communicator by Avaya Inc.

The Avaya Communicator client’s clean, graphical interface is easy to use, and tailors to your business tasks and individual profile—including your device and location. Use an IM-like client design to interact with your colleagues, partners and customers. Buddy and contact lists let you see who is available and the communication choices you have. Move seamlessly between IM/presence, voice, video, conferencing, and web collaboration.


  • One Experience An easy-to-use graphical design takes the guesswork out of using and coordinating your communications. Intuitive and seamless transitions between workflows propel you from one task to another. Services are personalized to your business needs and individual profile. Your user experience is consistent and optimized across devices. 
  • One Location Close all the standalone applications windows on your screen, and open just your Avaya Communicator. All the modes of collaboration you need are together in one environment. A full unified communications suite integrates with multimedia messaging, audio and web conferencing, video rooms, desktop applications, and browsers. 
  • One Identity Use single sign on to identify yourself across voice, video, IM, presence, mobile, and conferencing. Intuitive icons and feature controls let you move quickly between your different modes of communications and work tasks, with consistent access to features and services. If needed, maintain separate personal and enterprise identities.