Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere by Automation Anywhere, Inc

Automation Anywhere Enterprise gives you the power of reliable automation technology to allow your organization to be extraordinary. It is designed to allow groups to capitalize on the benefits of automation across all or part of their business or IT processes. Automation Anywhere is built to allow you to start with 1 or 100 simple or complex process segments, minimizing if not eliminating both implementation and financial risks.


  • Server status and Directory Connectivity status. 
  • Real-time Task Monitor for tracking progress of in-process tasks. 
  • Task Scheduler for monitoring upcoming tasks. 
  • A view of any failed tasks with error details. 
  • Easy-to-use dashboard for managing all clients (Client Command and Control Center). 
  • Repository Manager to control and organize tasks for groups and clients. 
  • Centralized log feature for viewing logs for all tasks run on each client.