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athenaClinicals® by athenahealth, Inc.

Our cloud-based Best in KLAS electronic health records, athenaClinicals® gives you greater control so you can stay focused on delivering quality patient care. Our EMR keeps providers moving through the patient visit with an easy-to-use workflow and less data entry in the exam room.


  • Athenaclinicals offers a versatile EMR software system for a range of providers. With diverse features for small medical groups and practices, and larger hospitals and health systems, this cloud-based service offers modules for elements like medical billing, patient scheduling, order transmission and revenue cycle management, as well as population health tools that help find important information about what a practice sees on a regular basis.

  • As a state-of-the-art electronic medical records solution, Athenaclinicals helps with practical nuts and bolts as well: the actual routing of incoming faxes, details like diagnostic coding verifications, and the task of helping offices meet compliance standards. Details like automatic patient identification help with patient care and support offices in meeting protocols like meaningful use stage one and two. This EMR software also allows clinical work to flow more smoothly, with things like Dragon medical practice edition built into the platform.

  • Athenaclinicals practice management software and electronic medical record tools keep patients moving through the office and help with documentation for billing and other purposes. By taking on a lot of the difficult paperwork aspects of office administration, Athenaclinicals helps doctors and top clinical people to stay focused on their central goal -- delivering great patient care. Talk to Athena about the types of practice management tools offered on this platform and how Athenaclinicals EHR and EMR solutions support providers.