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athenaOne by athenahealth, Inc.

The AthenaCollector® practice management platform gives doctors and practice leaders tool to renovate business structures and keep both the clinical and the clerical side of the office optimized for modern efficiency. 


  • With AthenaCollector®, providers get practice management software that’s tied to a greater software context, with EHR and EMR tools that provide for critical aspects of healthcare record-keeping. Using this type of healthcare cloud setup, practices can assure that they meet industry standards, and deliver great patient care unencumbered by paperwork problems. Designed for revenue cycle management, this healthcare cloud computing service boosts profits while making the day to day administration of the office less difficult.
  • With AthenaCollector®’s Billing Rules Engine, providers can work to keep claims error-free, which will cut down on claims resolution times, and give the business a better reputation, as well. Revenue cycle management is actually a critical part of what a medical business does, and that’s one reason why it’s so important to have a practice management system that accommodates all of the needs that a doctor’s office will have around medical billing.