Aspect® Unified IP®

Aspect® Unified IP® by Aspect Software, Inc

Aspect Unified IP is a complete, software-based, unified platform that helps enterprise contact centers deliver remarkable customer experiences across every conversation and every channel – through a single, elegant software platform. The solution brings all contact options together, in one place, on one platform, so informed and empowered agents can keep talking, typing and conversing. At the same time, it minimizes customer effort, providing a differentiated multichannel, multichoice customer experience across voice, email, web chat, IM and SMS.


  • Delivering remarkable customer experiences Customer experience has always been a primary driver of business reputation and revenue. What has markedly changed in recent years is the influence of consumer choice on competitive standing. With the Aspect Unified IP interaction management platform, you can do business at the speed of the consumer, consistently minimizing their effort so your company becomes easier to do business with. 
  • Better routing, better experiences Strategic, whole system automation provided by Aspect Unified IP inbound automatic call distribution (ACD) encompasses the entire inbound customer interaction, from contact routing, to agent skill selection, to contact recording. With the ability to flexibly apply one set of business rules across all channels, you can dynamically prioritize incoming contacts in a universal, single queue, and based on real-time statistics and system conditions route them to the most appropriate agent. Contacts can also be distributed between multiple sites and matched to the most qualified customer resource within your entire enterprise agent pool for specific contact flows and work types. 
  • Multichannel choice, omni-channel experiences As the path to service takes ever more varied and twisting turns, organizations must expect the unexpected. Usage of new channels and new devices continues to climb, as does customers’ willingness – and inclination – to change channels according to their needs. It is imperative that you provide a consistent and seamless cross channel experience when customers engage, inquire, and request service whenever, wherever, and via whatever channel suits them.