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ASIGRA DS-Client by Asigra

Selecting a cloud backup, recovery and restore platform is a major decision, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. The innovative technology of Asigra Cloud Backup™ now powers over 1 Million sites worldwide. That success is due entirely to 28 years of building a global ecosystem of strong partner relationships with progressive Managed Service Providers and Resellers, and it has made us one of the most financially stable investments you can make in the business. Here are seven reasons Asigra is an industry leader.


  • Technology that simplifies cloud backup Our platform does not install agents for each machine or application that needs to be protected. Instead, our unique agentless architecture reaches out over the network to backup operating systems, file systems, and applications, using industry standard programming interfaces. 
  • Superior encryption and security certifications Asigra uses state-of-the-art encryption to safeguard customer data at all times, and is the only cloud backup and recovery software platform with NIST approved FIPS 140-2 certification, meeting the most stringent compliance requirements of healthcare and government. 
  • Support all devices with a single platform Asigra is the first end-to-end enterprise platform that consolidates backup processes and restores customer data within minutes across the entire IT environment. 
  • Compatibility with any enterprise environment Asigra Cloud Backup is vendor-and hardware-agnostic, so it works with any platform including Windows, Linux or MAC environments, and can be deployed in grid configuration for failover protection and increased performance. 
  • Support for on-premise private, public or hybrid clouds Asigra Cloud Backup can adapt to the specific elements of any backup and recovery strategy, including public, private and hybrid cloud environments. 
  • Zero channel conflicts Our business model is one of building and fostering partnerships. We do not sell direct. We support and invest in a global ecosystem of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and resellers and do not compete with our partners. 
  • Value beyond software Asigra Hybrid Partners get a dedicated partner development manager who works with them to develop their business plan, plus lead generation and awareness-building marketing programs, as well as much more. Asigra works hard to ensure its partners have what they need to succeed.