ASG-Entact ID

ASG-Entact ID by Palamida, Inc.

ASG-Entact ID is a cross-platform Identity Management software solution for large and mid-sized enterprise organizations. It provides an intelligent solution to efficiently and securely manage authorized users of your enterprise information systems, as well as their varying permissions. The ASG-Entact ID solution streamlines the process of managing the user security definitions on disparate platforms and applications throughout the enterprise. 


  • Decreases security administration labor costs through automation and a single interface for cross-platform user security administration 
  • Reduces corporate risks associated with incorrect access to business information systems 
  • Enables compliance with certain security regulations (such as HIPAA)    
  • Enables an incremental migration to Role-Based Access Control on a department–by-department basis
  • Supports automatic revocation of access rights for terminated employees
  • Reduces training costs for Security Administration staff who need to learn only one interface
  • Reduces helpdesk expenses associated with password reset operations 
  • Improves employee productivity by quickly providing them the access they need 
  • Enables secure decentralized, delegated security administration without requiring high level account privileges 
  • Facilitates migration to an enterprise user ID naming convention 
  • Facilitates migration of organizational structures to Active Directory and other environments 
  • Modular architecture allows the same infrastructure to be used for multiple security solutions (workflow, user administration, password reset, password synchronization) 
  • Rather than using a different user interface for each distinct platform to add, delete, and change user ID definitions and access privileges, Entact ID uses a single interface. The solution can also automate many of the repetitive tasks related to requesting access and provisioning approved requests for access.