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Ascentis HR by Ascentis

Ascentis HRIS/HRMS is a wizard-driven, intuitive HR software solution for mid-market companies of all industries. When managing employee data, Ascentis HR automates complex business transactions, eliminates manual processes, and reduces systemic errors.
Cost of Ownership

Cost Structure for Ascentis HR:

License/Subscription Cost Basic set-up fees which includes account creation and 3 days of on-line implementation and/or training
Maintenance Cost Regular maintenance releases and upgrades are included in monthly fees and require no onsite IT support or installation
Installation/Implementation Cost Included in the subscription cost
Customization Cost This is charged as an additional (add-on) cost for developing or enhancing an existing product feature or module
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost Dependent on existing current software, amount of data to be migrated, complexity of the data fields, etc.
Training Cost Included in the subscription cost
Recurring/Renewal Costs Recurring subscription fees is charged which typically includes maintenance, monitoring, upgrades, training and support to the end-user
Pricing Details
Product Name Description Price/Details
Subscription Cost What is the cost of the software? Pricing information is available on request only
Deployment Options What options are available for product deployment?
  • Cloud-based/SaaS
Pricing Model What is the pricing model? Subscription-based
Minimum Commitment No minimum commitment required however, Ascentis HR works only with 100-2000 users organization
Custom Quote Is there an option of requesting custom quote? Available
Free Trial Does the vendor provide a free trial option? No
Product Limitations

Some of the product limitations include:

  • The solution does not provide multi-language or multi-currency support
  • System upgrades requires users to manually approve changes in the respective modules. Depending on the amount of changes required this can be a time consuming activity.
  • Setting-up reporting formats is a tedious process
  • It is a cloud-based solution and does not offer on-premise installation
  • Does not supports employee development features such as performance management and succession management

ADP Workforce Now


Kronos Workforce Central Suite


  • Easy-to-use, robust employee data and benefits management system.
  • “One source of truth” single-entry feature means all data within the system are accurate and secure.
  • Wizard-driven workflows automate complex HR processes.
  • User-defined fields track and report on any unique data required.
  • Hundreds of standard reports offer optimal business insight. 
  • Unlimited benefits plans can be easily set up in the system, and employees see only what they are eligible for.
  • Company-branded employee portal pushes out relevant and critical content to all employees.
  • Paperless online enrollment ensures employees have the ability to choose the right plan for them, and enrollment selections are sent electronically, and securely, to carriers.
  • Carrier overpayments and potential billing errors are completely eliminated.
  • Comprehensive leave management ensures managers balance time-off requests with the needs of the business and teams.
  • ACA Dashboards ensure companies are compliant with all regulations and requirements of the Affordable Care Act. 
  • Key metrics and built-in analytics allow management to “mine” their employee data for key trends and strategic development guidance. 
  • Hosted solution requires no IT support, and upgrades/updates are automatically available.
  • Implementation is fast, easy and painless … usually requiring only a few weeks.
  • Integrations are easily created between Ascentis, and other solutions.
  • Fixed pricing plans offer affordable and predictable pricing solutions.