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Asana by Asana

Asana’s mission is to help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly. We've re-imagined how work gets done through a fast and versatile web application that connects everyone with what’s going on, their shared priorities, and who owns each part of the effort.We are engineering, design, and business leaders from companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. We're also proud to be supported by an incredible set of investors and advisors.


  • Conversations are kept with your work, so you’ll spend less time in email, and more time getting things done. 
  • Stay on the same page: Easily create, assign, and comment on tasks, so you always know what's getting done and who's doing it. 
  • Get updates without asking: Never read a status email again; Asana Inbox makes it simple to stay on top of the details that matter to you. 
  • Less work about work: When your team's ideas, plans, files, and conversations are in one place, you’ll always know where to find the information you need.