Apttus CPQ - Configure Price Quote
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Apttus CPQ - Configure Price Quote by Apttus

Apttus offers highly advanced suite of Configure Price Quote  (CPQ) solutions that address almost every need around the customer or partner engagement process of quoting. Whether a sales person is simply selecting pre-approved bundles, configuring highly complex offerings or customers want to self-service their own quote, Apttus has the solution. 


  • Apttus CPQ uniquely addresses the Quoting needs of our customers but is only a part of Apttus overall Quote to Cash offering including Contract Management, Revenue Management and more. 
  • Apttus CPQ was designed with the same premise as all Apttus solutions. The tools are easy to set up, thereby reducing implementation time, very easy to use based on familiar user interfaces and administratively easy to manage. 
  • All application set up is done using a web browser - no custom coding or learning of any proprietary language required. The set up of the quote templates can take minutes utilizing Apttus’ award winning Word to Salesforce Enhancer technology.