Apttus Contract Management
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Apttus Contract Management by Apttus

Apttus Contract Management empowers Sales to drive deals to completion quickly, while giving Legal the control and visibility needed to mitigate risk. Apttus Contract Management integrates with sales, customer, and product information, centralized clause libraries, and legal playbooks inside Salesforce — the world’s most secure cloud business platform–to ensure accurate contracts can be created in minutes. With a secure cloud repository, automated workflows and approvals, and sophisticated alerts and notification, Sales can stay one step ahead of renewals, and Legal can stay one step ahead of audits.


  • Compliance with Insight: Reduce risks in your agreements through complete visibility and insight into all contract details, changes and history. 
  • Work Your Way: Work on contracts inside Microsoft Word to increase legal productivity. 
  • Make Contracts Easy for Sales: Accelerate deals by making contracts easy for Sales to create, manage and approve. 
  • Confidentiality with Confidence: Protect sensitive data with the world’s most secure and robust cloud platform.