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Aprima EHR by Aprima

Aprima is a single application built on a single database. This means you can access a patient’s chart or insurance information without having to close one database and open another. Most companies deploy separate EHR and PM databases. That adds complexity. Or they let separate EHR/PM applications share a database. That creates conflicts when one application gets an upgrade. Or they turn to outside consultants for revenue cycle management assessments. That adds time and costs.


  • Aprima is individuality You can implement our solution as Integrated EHR/PM, EHR only, PM only, RCM in combination with the above or RCM standalone.  Migrate to the integrated system when your practice is ready. With our single database design, it takes just a simple activation code! 

  • Aprima is speed Aprima’s software is interoperable with payers, hospital systems and devices. This seamless movement of data speeds transactions and reduces errors. Aprima lets you enter data on a tablet PC by handwriting recognition, keying, transcribing or dictating — whichever way is fastest for each user. 

  • Aprima is care We offer proven solutions, adapted to fit your budget, that get you to a successful “go-live” stage. This includes Aprima’s flexible web-based training sessions, on-site training, and go-live support that tailors the right content to the right staff member.