Appligent PDF Document Management

Appligent PDF Document Management by Appligent, Inc.

From report generation to documentation to archiving, litigation support, web-presentment and a host of other applications, the key to success is reliability and high-performance. End-users for server applications that merge PDF files tend to want the result as quickly as possible, along with the smallest possible file-size. They are intolerant of errors. AppendPDF is the best-in-class solution for appending PDF documents in mission-critical on-demand and high-volume document production implementations.


  • Assembles PDF files with rock-solid, enterprise-class reliability and speed 
  • Combines complete files or selected page ranges 
  • Includes bookmarks from the original files - Sets file open, display and initial page options 
  • Includes new document information, including title, subject, keywords, date or other metadata, in PDF Document Information fields and in XML via the eXtensible Metadata Platform (XMP). 
  • Applies Adobe Acrobat standard 40-bit or 128-bit file encryption with a user-specific password to control who may view, print, or modify the document 
  • Linearizes PDF files for Fast Web View(The Pro edition) 
  • Personalized cover pages
  • Application of customized barcodes, page numbers, watermarks, logos, headers and footers 
  • Automated Table of Contents generation, complete with bookmarks and hyperlinks 
  • Easy Integration 
  • No limit on concurrent users or connections 
  • No limit on the number of documents processed 
  • No limit on threads - run as many instances as you want 
  • Supports PDF 1.0 and higher 
  • Call from any programming or scripting language including (but not limited to) Perl, PHP, Java, C++, ASP & .Net, Visual Basic, Cold Fusion and Lotus Notes 
  • May be integrated with other Appligent Document Solutions server products as part of a complete PDF workflow solution