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Aplicor by Aplicor

Aplicor provides our customers with cloud enabled applications to drive their core processes, allowing them to concentrate on building revenue and profitability. By leveraging our expertise in the wholesale/distribution and financial service industries, our customers can invest strategically in their resources, capital and time. Aplicor customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and ecommerce are all accessible through the cloud and is one embedded system, so customers do not have to worry about integrations, end user adoption due to different applications or the maintenance of hardware infrastructure and software. 


  • Aplicor is an application that grows with you, with advanced functionality built in right from the start, ready when you need it. 
  • Similar to other solutions that cost far more, Aplicor includes multiple language options, advanced tax capabilities like value-added tax (VAT), localized Sales and Use Tax, plus electronic payments and collections. 
  • Aplicor simplifies the complexities of growth at any stage.