AntWorks Revenue Cycle Management
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AntWorks Revenue Cycle Management by AntWorks Healthcare

From the first appointment that a patient schedules to the acceptance of final payment by the provider, AntWorks RCM is a crucial part of the healthcare process with little to no scope for errors. Our solution helps clients gain granular visibility and retain more control of cash flow to ensure that the revenue cycle progresses error-free. Alongside 95% first submission cycle payment, our solution ensures maximum reimbursements at the least possible cost per practice, and also allows for expanded capabilities with minimal to zero hiring needs. In addition, AntWorks gives you a 360 degree responsibility held to your highest standards for your revenue cycle from coding to claims management to patient and insurance collections - reporting back to you, the customer.


  • Real Time Analytics - AntWork’s solution offers tailored technology allowing you to see data as soon as it’s entered, gaining granular visibility to retain more control of cash flow to ensure that the revenue cycle progress efficient and error-free. AntWork’s real-time analytics determine key financial and clinical trends, but also streamline operational performance throughout the healthcare cycle.
  • Larger or Small - If you are a small group, or a large 300+ provider practice, hospital or University, we have the staff and 38 year expertise to provide you the billing skills and resources you need for successful reimbursement and maximum consistent revenue. We also support over 40 billing services nationally with systems and services. No matter your size, or what system you use, chances are we can deliver substantial improvements in the collections and cash flow into your business.
  • Accessible Anywhere - AntWorks Healthcare represents the culmination of our efforts to bring efficiency to the healthcare industry through cloud services. AntWorks allows medical providers to instantly access patient data from anywhere at any time across multiple platforms. Our staff works tirelessly to improve our ability to deliver uninterrupted access to all users and yet always ensuring that clean back-up files are produced.