Analyzer™ with Recombinant BI
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Analyzer™ with Recombinant BI by Strategy Companion

Analyzer provides powerful, self-service business intelligence that allows users to explore, visualize, publish and share data in minutes. With Analyzer™ business users are able to make better decisions based on real time data through a secure, scalable and social business intelligence solution


  • Ease Of Use Insight in an instant with a simple drag and drop interface. 
  • Rapid Analytics View dynamic reports, dashboards and visualizations in minutes. 
  • Mobile Share analytics with all members of your organization through their mobile devices. 
  • Social Share insights with others quick and easily  with Analyzer’s communal functionality. 
  • Multiple Data Sources Analyzer gives you the ability to connect with a multitude of data sources. 
  • Zero-Footprint Analyzer’s 100% zero-footprint browser interface that can be accessed from anywhere.