Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB by Amazon Web Services, Inc.

DynamoDB is a fast, fully managed NoSQL database as a service that makes it simple and cost-effective to store and retrieve any amount of data, and serve any level of request traffic. Its reliable throughput and single-digit millisecond latency make it a great fit for gaming, ad tech, mobile and many other applications. 


  • Easy Administration Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed cloud NoSQL database service – you simply create a database table and let the service handle the rest.  
  • Fast, Predictable Performance Amazon DynamoDB is a SSD database service. Average service-side latencies for are typically single-digit milliseconds. 
  • Scalable When creating a table, simply specify how much request capacity you require. If your throughput requirements change, simply update your table's request capacity using the AWS Management Console or the Amazon DynamoDB APIs. 
  • High Availability Amazon DynamoDB is a highly available database software, with automatic and synchronous data replication across three facilities in a Region.  This provides high availability and helps protect your data against individual machine, or even facility failures.