Allscripts TouchWorks (EHR)
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Allscripts TouchWorks (EHR) by Allscripts

Allscripts Touchworks is a broad-spectrum EHR and EMR system from a renowned provider of medical software. With excellent support for patient record analysis, medical billing, revenue cycle management and more, Allscripts can help a practice of any size to handle aspects of medical recordkeeping, and keep operations running smoothly across an entire revenue life cycle.


  •  One thing that Allscripts offers is automation in patient consultation. With tools for automated data entry, templating and other resources, Allscripts Touchworks assists doctors and clinicians in the healthcare industry as they see patients. Allscripts Touchworks and EMR software also offers a range of Care Guides collected to facilitate patient care in a physician office at the time of service.

  • Practices using an Allscripts web-based solution also benefit from an open architecture, a big plus in an era where the portability and scalability of health record data is a huge concern. Mobile tools put critical patient record data at the user’s fingertips, and customized visual dashboards show information health trends and much more to help practice leaders to truly assess what goes on inside of the office each day. These types of analytics enhance the ways that a practice in the healthcare industry serves a local community with EHR and EMR software, and deliver the resources for strengthening a physician-patient relationship and building a reputation for quality among a patient base. A physician office can use an Allscripts CareInMotion™ tool for these patient record insights and analytics. 

  • Overall, the range of EMR and EHR healthcare solution products offered by Allscripts help medical businesses to modernize their practice models, to comply with meaningful use standards, and to meet the demands of a fast-[paced and highly regulated industry.