Agile Product Lifecycle Management

Agile Product Lifecycle Management by Oracle America, Inc.

Modern PLM drives top-line revenue growth through intuitive applications that are personalized, social, insightful, transparent, and fully connected from product ideation to market withdrawal. With Oracle Product Value Chain, you can innovate, develop, and commercialize higher quality, compliant products faster and at a lower cost. Re-imagine PLM and take control of your product information to build a more profitable and sustainable business.


  • Agile Product Lifecycle Management Oracle Product Lifecycle Management boosts your competitive edge by optimizing all aspects of the product lifecycle. With best practice PLM processes, you can leverage Oracle’s deep expertise, broad portfolio, and commitment to helping customers accelerate product innovation and maximize profitability.

  • Agile Product Lifecycle Management for Process Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management for Process applications help companies in process related industries increase sales and get new products to market faster—all while simplifying regulatory compliance, lowering costs, and reducing risks.

  • Agile Engineering Data Management Agile Engineering Data Management (e6) comprehensively supports all product-related enterprise processes for organizations in industrial manufacturing sectors.

  • Enterprise Data Quality Oracle Enterprise Data Quality helps organizations achieve maximum value from their business-critical applications by delivering fit-for-purpose data that helps surface new opportunities, improve operational efficiency and more efficiently comply with regulations.

  • Product Value Chain Cloud With the Oracle Product Value Chain Cloud, increase your return on innovation and grow your business faster with a global, integrated platform designed to rapidly innovate, develop, and commercialize profitable products.