AgentTime Scheduler

AgentTime Scheduler by Portage Communications

AgentTime now provides an affordable and realistic off-the-shelf call center scheduling solution. An intuitive user interface allows the call center manager to create optimum weekly schedules, and to easily modify them based on personal knowledge and ongoing day-to-day changes in operations. A key goal in the design of AgentTime has been to make sure the user is not locked into blindly accepting any given schedule created by the system.


  • Scheduling Method AgentTime accepts the optimal agent requirements created from either Call Center Designer or SimACD to then assign agents to work shifts based on their availability, priority and preferences. The user creates shift definitions, a database of agents describing the shifts they are available for in order of preference along with their hire dates and rank.

  • Flex-Shifting Our new Flex-Shift optimization performs a second optimizing pass through the agents' schedules to make the total agent group schedule even more closely match up with the agent level requirements in blended and multi-work centers.  Tasks like outbound calling, email follow-ups or chat are optimally placed on a time period by time period basis.

  • Reporting Included with the software is the AgentTime Agent Schedules Publishing Tool which allows you to publish schedules into HTML and Excel formats. Your agents can then go to your server drive or a website and view their daily and weekly schedules online. Managers can also email Excel based schedules to their agents.  All Call Center Designer, SimACD and AgentTime calculations may be exported to Excell for familiar looking custom reporting and graphs.