AdvancedBilling™ by AdvancedMD, Inc

Drive revenue with ease. AdvancedBilling features all the tools you need to manage your A/R and claims processes in one convenient database. The robust clearinghouse automates manual processes, auto-generated worklists improve productivity & expedite reimbursements & automatic claims scrubbing gets you an almost-100% first-pass claim acceptance rate. This software is just as powerful as what our 500+ billing service partners use.


Medical Billing

  • Comprehensive. ClaimsCenter lets you manage each claim throughout its entire lifecycle, from charge capture to full reimbursement. 
  • Efficient. A/R Control Center helps you manage receivables with auto-generated collection worklists & denial tracking, as well as prioritized daily task lists.
  • Seamless. Charges automatically pass from AdvancedEHR & AdvancedMobileDoc to AdvancedBilling, eliminating the need for data entry & allowing the billing process to start as soon as possible.