Advanced Warehouse McLane 3g

Advanced Warehouse McLane 3g by Winfosoft

McLane Logistics Technology's Warehouse 3g is a cutting edge, new warehouse management system (WMS) built upon the bedrock of over 100 years of warehouse distribution experience. Native to the Microsoft Dynamics® AX ERP application, Warehouse 3g provides a robust feature set and improved functionality that can dramatically improve the efficiency of your warehouse operations. 


  • Physical Inventory - Selection of items (ABC, Location Ranges, Vendor, etc.) to count - Counting and recording of counts - Recounting for variances - Posting of counts - Adjustment of count

  • Receiving - Appointment scheduling with best door calculation - Purchase order management - Directed putaway logic - Dated item handling (e.g. perishables) - RF usage Reporting

  • Shipping - Preparation for picking - Picking/Selection of product - Order-based replenishment - Loading - Definition of warehouse shipping areas - Customer visibility & maintenance - Container visibility & maintenance - Order wave review & modification - Master Schedule maintenance - Load Schedule maintenance -  Load close/departure