ADAM 5 by ADAM Software

ADAM 5 is a new platform for a new era of enterprise marketing. Responding to the challenges and pain points of modern, large-scale marketing, ADAM 5 is uniquely capable of bringing greater efficiency to your rich-media multichannel campaigns. From unique capabilities for syncing product information and brand management through campaigns to great customer experience, ADAM 5 simplifies and improves collaboration on all aspects of your marketing cycle.


  • Makes working with other networked marketing organizations simple, allowing you to connect and share with other entities using ADAM installations.
  • Provides detailed data-gathering and reporting tools to better monitor marketing activity and efficiency, bringing enterprise-grade reporting to marketing.
  • Guarantees accuracy and easy syncing of product information with brand collateral for your campaigns. 
  • Reduces time to market by centralizing your marketing operations across your company.
  • Facilitates stakeholder uptake through intelligent search that makes working with large numbers of rich-media assets much easier.
  • Ensures brand consistency through centralized control and approval of assets and versions.
  • Makes producing multilingual and multicultural content easy with comprehensive localization options. Integrates easily with enterprise IT infrastructures.
  • Is built to be scalable and adaptable to safeguard your software investment.