ActuateOne BIRT Studio

ActuateOne BIRT Studio by Actuate Corporation

ActuateOne®, the latest release of Actuate’s BIRT platform and tools, provides this environment with its Progressive Design Architecture, which allows users to not only populate their own reports but to create, modify and deploy those reports on the fly, as needed. It also allows for the quick creation of single reports, reports that are needed instantly but never reused as the need is met. 


  • Saves time, because re-usable templates and themes can be set up and passed between BIRT products- Conserves IT resources, as BIRT products facilitate self-service report creation- Provides user self service; lets business users create ad-hoc reports

  • Reduces reporting bottlenecks in IT and improves requirements understanding between IT and end users

  • Lowers costs by eliminating training expenditures- Increases ROI- Enables report developers to create and distribute re-usable templates and themes.

  • New extension interface allows custom, server-side actions to be programmatically defined and invoked when a BIRT Design is opened, modified, saved or closed.

  • Encourages self-service report creation- Provides complete query and analysis functions against metadata and predefined queries

  • Features all standard aggregation and calculation functions- Includes data filters, charting, grouping, and hide-and-show elements

  • Displays parameter prompts, making it easier for users to refine their reports- Supports complete data access and preview without affecting underlying data sources