Active Information Archive™ Solutions

Active Information Archive™ Solutions by DocuLynx, Inc.

At DocuLynx, we specialize in Active Information Archive™ Solutions. We simply capture, manage and present. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.1.) Files of all types are captured and indexed in standard, non- proprietary outputs formats2.) Data is managed and encrypted within world-class archiving infrastructure3.) Search, retrieve and present documents, images or reports on any standard web browser


  • One centralized archive. Reduce search time and frustration. Get rid of silos between and within business units.
  • Automation. It's 2012. Time to ditch those manual processes and streamline operations.
  • Access to digitized documents any time, any where. PCs, mobile devices, or smart phones. Enough said.
  • Utilize your scanned documents like never before. DocuLynx transforms documents into data points.
  • Get results fast. Watch years of data become useable, active information within days and weeks instead of months and years (or "someday").
  • Give customers what they want. Share valuable information with customers instantly.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance effortlessly. Let us manage governmental, regulatory and internal compliance requirements. Change tedious audits into positive experiences.
  • Ensure information recovery and security. Don't leave anything to chance. Store critical documents off-site at our state-of-the art data centers. Enable redundancy and disaster-recovery. It never hurts to be safe.
  • Outsource an experienced team.Our 40 plus years experience in document management.