Actimize Integrated Fraud Management

Actimize Integrated Fraud Management by Nice Actimize

Actimize Integrated Fraud Management solutions deliver real-time, customer-centric fraud prevention that supports a holistic, enterprise-wide fraud management program. Fully integrated channel and line-of-business specific detection solutions that seamlessly share data for true cross-channel fraud management.Advanced and comprehensive set of fraud framework services that provide detection, decisioning, and operations capabilities. 


  • Enable end-to-end fraud coverage - Detect and prevent fraud across bank channels and financial products, and respond rapidly to changing fraud patterns and regulations, with a comprehensive set of fraud management tools and capabilities. 

  • Reduce financial losses - Apply proven analytics, detection logic authoring, and Actimize's breadth of global fraud expertise for superior detection model performance. Monitor transactions in real time, allowing for targeted interdiction to minimize losses and improve customer experience. 

  • Increase productivity and lower operational costs - Streamline fraud operations and support core fraud management functions - alert routing and prioritization, workflow management, investigation, and operational performance reporting - with intuitive, web-based tools. 

  • Enhance customer experience - Enable risk-based authentication methods and customer contact strategies for effective fraud prevention and an enhanced customer experience. Allow customers to continue to transact while fraudulent attempts are blocked for investigation with real-time detection and efficient fraud resolution processes.