Accertify® Fraud Management

Accertify® Fraud Management by Accertify, Inc.

Accertify® Fraud Management leverages vast and disparate enterprise data, driving better fraud detection with fewer false positives. Constantly evolving card-not-present fraud easily defeats fraud detection products that are inflexible or use limited data types. These products can lose their effectiveness over time allowing fraud rates to creep higher, putting the merchant right back where they started. Accertify® Fraud Management was developed to perform well beyond these limitations through our advanced, scalable and highly flexible Interceptas® Data Management Platform. 


  • Fully Integrated. A single, integrated platform offers leading fraud prevention, as well as chargeback management and payment processing services.

  • Fast Deployment. Highly training implementation specialists ensure rapid deployment of your custom solution, ensuring a quick ROI (in as little as 60 days) and reducing demands on your internal IT team.

  • Easy to Use. A single, customizable dashboard simplifies the review process by delivering all relevant information to the analyst.

  • Global Support. Our Interceptas® Data Management Platform, is designed to support local language and currencies to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of global IT infrastructure and operations to meet business requirements.

  • Flexible. Our platform can be quickly and easily customized, refined and expanded to address new fraud trends fast and leverage a vast range of data elements including non-payment related data to ensure optimal fraud screening accuracy.

  • Accurate. A powerful, real-time fraud screening engine that can support hundreds of rules along with built-in automation ensure good orders flow through fast and high risk ones get flagged for review, driving high customer satisfaction and loyalty.