abas ERP

abas ERP by abas ERP

abas ERP provides a fully integrated ERP solution ideally suited to mid-size manufacturing and distribution companies that increases productivity, reduces costs and grows opportunities. Key modules of the software include: 

  • Sales Management & CRM
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling / APS
  • Purchasing
  • Production Planning and Control (PPC)
  • Materials Management
  • Service Processing
  • Financials and Accounting
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Document Management 
  • Mobile Processes
  • EDI and High-Performance Logistics
  • Process Control and Workflow Management
  • Multi-Company Accounting
  • Multi-Site
  • Project Management

In addition to a robust standard feature set, abas ERP makes it simple across the board to adapt your system to your own business processes. And the best part? With abas, when you customize your system, you can still upgrade hassle free. 

abas ERP’s multi-tiered architecture, which separates your customizations from the business and database layers of the system, allows for smooth upgrades from older versions of the software. The independent components eliminate the need for rewriting previously developed custom programs, screens, and reports.  


User-friendly design and operation
Scalable and portable, abas’ mobile apps run on many mobile platforms, including tablets and smartphones. The user interfaces automatically adjust content to fit the display size of your device, and an extensive array of tools support data maintenance and the development of extensions and customizations.

abas offers mobile apps that let your employees perform virtually any ERP function on the go, including CRM, inventory management, cycle count, service, time-clock interface, and delivery. Whether it’s for a service call or a client meeting, your team can access ERP data and functionality from wherever the action is. In addition, the abas ERP mobile apps give users access to core data even while they’re offline, ensuring that they can rely on information being available whenever they need it.
abas mobile apps include: 
  • Mobile Delivery
  • Mobile CRM
  • Mobile Cycle Count
  • Mobile Inventory Management
  • Mobile TCI
  • Mobile POS 

abas Workflow Management is a plugin that gives managers and administrators the ability to easily create new workflows and processes that integrate with existing functions in abas ERP. Because of the tight integration, users can perform their assigned tasks directly from their existing abas ERP dashboard, making the tasks simple to track, prioritize and perform. Process managers benefit from Workflow Management as well because they gain complete visibility into where each of their active processes stands, and which steps have been completed. abas Workflow Management contains four major parts including the designer tool, the process manager, the management function, and the analytics function. With the Workflow Editor, you can:

  • Clearly define your processes and optimize your most valuable resource: your employees
  • Create new workflows with the easy-to-use graphical editor
  • Complete integration with abas ERP functions
  • Give manager visibility into their processes
  • Prioritize your list of tasks and approvals for each user’s part of the process integrated into existing abas ERP dashboard