3D Printing Services

3D Printing Services by Staples

3D printing services are now available at Staples® Copy & Print. Just drop off your design file with a Certified Print Pro to get started. Think you can't print life-saving medical devices? Think again. With 3D printing's ever-evolving technology, the possibilities are endless. Design and print anything from phone cases and jewelry to working guitars. 


  • Shape your ideas: 3D printing is a simple process capable of creating complex designs that are otherwise impossible to manufacture. It starts with a digital 3D design which has been sliced into 2D layers. Layer by layer, the printer deposits liquid or powdered materials until the final piece is complete.

  • Assist in Making Jewelry, Buttons & Other Accessories: While you can actually make jewelry with a 3D printer, the real usefulness may be using 3D printing as a way to create versions of items before having them mass-manufactured. A 3D printer allows designers of all types to experiment and test out designs in the real world, often at a fraction of the cost of previous production methods.

  • Produce Promotional Items: You can buy customized pens, mugs and zillions of other promotional items, but 3D printing opens up entirely new possibilities for producing items for everything from holiday gifts to corporate conferences. Businesses may want to do this for themselves, with a 3D printer of their own, but certainly small businesses offering 3D printing may pop up devoted entirely to creating specialized, one-of-a-kind promotional items and giveaways for individuals and businesses.

  • Create Parts for Specialized Machinery: Machines break — all the time. And if a machine your company uses is no longer being made, well, then the replacement parts sometimes cost an exorbitant amount. This new generation of 3D printers may solve this problem, and business owners — or 3D printing specialists serving them — may be the solution.