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Why use Power Steering Software?

Key differentiators & advantages of Power Steering Software

  • PowerSteering has the right mix of capabilities to help you establish and enforce an effective governance process, align projects with strategy, and analyze your investments so you can drive more portfolio value.Manage Your Entire Portfolio in a Single PPM System

  • PowerSteering’s unique flexibility allows it to support any project, program, portfolio, resource, investment or work type. Organizations looking to apply PPM in different areas of the business no longer need to put up with siloed information living within disparate, disconnected tools. Everything you need is always available in a single project and portfolio management (PPM) system of record. With PowerSteering, you can obtain holistic visibility into work & investment throughout the enterprise. This includes the ability to manage non-project work and spending. For example, IT departments can use PowerSteering to manage application portfolios, services, and work requests in addition to projects.

  • Improve Governance & Executive Visibility: Because it was designed as a top-down system, PowerSteering allows organizations to improve portfolio visibility and governance without requiring the entry of granular resource and project data. Using the system’s highly configurable Visual Portals and Dashboards, executives can readily gain insights into their programs, projects & initiatives just by tracking key high-level information, such as important milestones. Indicators & alerts can then be set to empower “management by exception” - highlighting any projects that are off track, over budget, or otherwise out of compliance.

  • Accelerate Results From Strategies and Programs: One of the strengths of PowerSteering is its ability to manage Programs & Strategies as discrete objects with their own attributes and workflows. The application’s configurability makes it simple to setup a hierarchy of strategies and programs; create explicit linkages between strategies, programs, and underlying projects (and other work objects); and define and roll-up the key objectives & metrics against which success will be evaluated. This helps ensure projects are aligned against corporate objectives and provides at-a-glance visibility into whether project and programs are delivering the expected benefits.

  • Optimize & Rebalance Your Project Portfolio: Ensure business agility and responsiveness to change by monitoring and adjusting your portfolios in real time. The application allows for the easy creation and comparison of multiple portfolios using any combination of filtering or evaluation criteria. Assess proposed projects against the active portfolio to determine priority and identify opportunities for redeploying resources.Streamlined scenario planning and “what if” capability is available throughout the system for budget, schedule or resource planning at the portfolio, program, or project level. For example, within Project Central, our integrated workspace for project & resource planning, users can immediately see the impact of adjusting the schedule (using an interactive Gantt), including or excluding projects, or changing resource assignments.

  • Streamline Measurement & Tracking: Say goodbye to the days of having to manually compile updates and track progress against targets. As an integrated, real-time system, PowerSteering automatically rolls-up granular data into program- and portfolio-level analytics. Our "Measures" feature, in particular, makes it easy to aggregate data at any level, define desired thresholds for data values, and display the results on Dashboards to highlight when performance falls outside of an acceptable range. Measures can also be used to track any desired metric, including advanced financial calculations such as NPV or EVM, and the application’s PPM Financial capabilities provide powerful tools for managing budgets, forecasts, and realized benefits.

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