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Key differentiators & advantages of Mavenlink

  • Search Function: A distinctive advantage with Mavenlink is its easy searching capabilities. Once data is inserted, it gets stored in a centralized database. This means users can easily locate all files and messages of their interest.
  • Project Plan Templates: With Mavenlink, project managers can turn their successful project plans into reusable templates. It allows them to create tasks, checklists, schedules, budgets, dependencies, and even role-based resource assignments for each engagement.
  • Portfolio Management: Mavenlink provides project cards to understand the status of all the projects at a glance and facilitates a global view of the entire portfolio. Project leaders can also configure a personalized view of their portfolio to monitor preferred fields and metrics. 
  • Team Collaboration: Mavenlink links conversations to tasks and people, so that everyone stays informed. It offers a global feed of all conversations, quickly receive and share feedback on any file type, including audio & video and assign role-based permissions to protect sensitive information or control public and private posts. All communications are encrypted with SSL. 
  • Third Party Integration: Mavenlink integrates with many useful third-party applications and cloud-based CRM, ERP, and Document Collaboration solutions, including Google G Suite, Salesforce, JIRA, and Zendesk. It's Chrome plugin assigns tasks based on emails and its QuickBooks integration syncs with time and projects. In addition, it offers an open API to build service-specific integrations unique to organizations. 
  • Go mobile: Mavenlink helps project managers access projects, check the status of a deliverable, reply to a conversation, and assign tasks on the go. While other team members can track time and log expenses on the field, giving managers instant visibility into where hours and dollars are being spent.
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