Technology Selection Management Leader, SelectHub, Featured in Denver Business Journal

Technology selection management provider SelectHub was recently highlighted in a piece published by the Denver Business Journal.  Journal reporter Greg Avery sat down with SelectHub’s CEO, Venkat Devraj, to talk about the company.

Avery and Devraj discussed the SelectHub and RequirementsHub platforms, including the benefits for businesses searching for software.  Normally a drawn-out, time-consuming process, the platforms help reduce the time these businesses spend on software selection.  Both platforms use a business’ specific requirements to narrow down the list of potential vendors to only the few that provide those requirements.  In the end, “They’re able to get a better fit for what they need,” Devraj explained.

Avery and Devraj also examined the benefits SelectHub provides for vendors.  SelectHub began selling vendors anonymous data related to what features businesses look for.  Vendors can then use this data to not only find out what today’s businesses need, but then implement and perfect those features in their systems.

Read the full article on the Denver Business Journal.