Benefits and Insights

Why use ZPay™ eCashering?

Key differentiators & advantages of ZPay™ eCashering

  • Multiple Payment OptionsZPay, along with SurePayHealth®, makes it easier for patients to pay the patient financial responsibility by providing multiple payment options & multiple payment methods- Single Source to Collect PaymentsYour staff can access the ZPay card swipe terminal from any networked computer and collect payments directly from patients. ZPay is also the single source for collecting and processing payments that are mailed in, called in, and even made online. ZPay eliminates slow point-of-sale terminals, shared phone lines, and the high cost of credit card processing. Recondo can also customize receipts with information specific to your facility and customize those receipts to print on any standard office printer.

  • Staff may process transactions from any PC instead of being "tied" to traditional processing terminals.- Eliminate existing point-of-service terminals and expenses such as separate phone lines, monthly lease or maintenance costs, and supply costs.- Improve collection rates by providing flexible payment options.

  • Increase staff efficiency with the ZPay credit card authorization response time of two-to-three seconds.- Transaction data includes patient information.- Let the patient do the work by enabling online payments.    

  • Go to one secure portal to access all payment data – and get more of it.

  • Automate the processing of Payment Plans.

  • Reduce business office mail and check handling costs.
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