Benefits and Insights

Why use XtremeData dbX Cloud Edition?

Key differentiators & advantages of XtremeData dbX Cloud Edition

  • Full-Scale Deployment onCloud and PremiseFull-featured, multi-Node MPP system for production deployment on Cloud and premise. On premise deployments can be on dedicated hardware or on shared, virtualized environments.

  • Breakthrough MPP Performance and Scalability on Cloud or PremiseMassively parallel database engine purpose-built for large data analysis. Vector-oriented execution with dynamic data exchange at run-time. Natively peer-to-peer parallel-processing, with automatic in-built load balancing among nodes.

  • Scale vertically and horizontally to meet workload requirementsDecoupled from hardware, logical nodes can be mapped onto differently sized physical nodes, with different resources, such as the number of cores and disks. This enables customizing CPU-to-I/O ratios. And, systems can be scaled one node at a time to support growth.

  • TechnologySQL engine capable of high volume ingest, fast transformation processing and advanced query based analytics.
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