Benefits and Insights

Why use XL Release?

Key differentiators & advantages of XL Release

  • Enable Collaboration Between Dev, Ops & Release Teams
    XL Release is your command & control center where Dev, Ops, release engineers and management can collaborate and monitor releases in real-time. Quickly flag potential delays and pro-actively tackle unmet conditions. Easily re-plan any part of the process as a situation evolves, repeat or skip tasks or phases as needed.

  • Create your Release Delivery Pipelines
    Automation is the key to making your releases more reliable and predictable. With out-of-the-box integrations with XL Platform, tools such as Jenkins Enterprise and issue trackers such as ServiceNow and JIRA, XL Release helps you eliminate manual tasks to lower the risk of error and delay in the software delivery process.

  • Unify the Process with One Central View for the Entire Team
    Review team utilization, identify resource conflicts and overloaded individuals and gain a full audit trail for all your releases with customizable dashboards. XL Release also provides an end-to-end overview of all build, test, and deployment logs. Now there’s one place to go to view upcoming changes, manage approvals and track sign-offs.

  • Pro-actively Manage Delays and Conflicts
    Gain total control over your release process. It's quick and easy to get set up. Define manual and automated steps, gates, phases, teams and dependencies and coordinate release scheduling across multiple teams to deliver high-quality applications seamlessly. No more release conflicts, bottlenecks or wasted time.

  • Accelerate Application Delivery
    Move toward standardized release plans using XL Release’s template to make each release standard “been there, done that” process. Quickly spot the problems, conflicts and overloaded team members that make delivery vulnerable and identify key areas for improvements through XL Release’s analytics. Share and collaborate across teams and disciplines and make faster software delivery everyone's responsibility.

  • Gain Enterprise Security & Control
    XL Release is built for the enterprise with the security, access control, LDAP integration, and calendar integration you would expect delivered right out of the box. Complete audit trail for the entire release process.
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