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  • MySQL Compliance – Seamless MySQL Scalability and High AvailabilityXeround was built on the MySQL Storage Engine Architecture, acting as a pluggable storage engine. Relying on this architecture, and the MySQL query language support, Xeround patented storage engine seamlessly replaces your current MySQL database.

  • ArchitectureXeround’s two tier architecture is comprised of Access Nodes and Data Nodes. Data Nodes are responsible for storing the data, while Access Nodes receive application requests, communicate with Data Nodes, perform computations and deliver request results.Xeround stores data in virtual partitions that are not bound to the underlying hardware infrastructure. Each partition is replicated to the different Data Nodes located on separate servers, providing high availability and full resiliency.

  • Availability and ResiliencyIn order to provide high availability, Xeround keeps each data object in a (configurable) number of copies. This approach ensures that even in the case of hardware failure, all the data is fully available.In normal operation, Xeround uses quorum based Read and Write voting algorithms, providing full consistency with low latency.In case of hardware failure, Xeround automatically replicates its virtual partitions among the existing resources. During this process, all data requests continue to be served as usual. In addition, data can be optionally written to an external storage for long-term backup and restore.

  • Scalability and Elasticity – Simplifying MySQL ScalabilityWhen the system needs an even larger database or requires more throughput, Xeround automatically scales-out based on thresholds that you set. Following an addition in resources, Xeround performs a re-layout of the virtual partitions. The system’s throughput then increases linearly with no downtime or manual intervention.When the number of requests or the data volume decreases, it is possible to remove some of the allocated resources. Applying a similar process to the scale out process, Xeround scales back in and then performs a re-layout of the virtual partitions, ensuring that the system will continue to function without any user intervention – providing truly transparent MySQL scalability.

  • Ease of UseXeround’s Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) for MySQL applications delivers seamless configuration and optimization to your database’s performance and availability on the cloud. DB management tasks aimed to ensure high availability, elasticity, and geographical distribution, as well as on-going tedious daily operations – that typically require long and detailed planning, extensive resources and complex execution – all become as simple as click-and-go.
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