Benefits and Insights

Why use XenMobile MDM?

Key differentiators & advantages of XenMobile MDM

  • Configure, secure, provision and support mobile devices with MDM
    XenMobile delivers enterprise grade MDM with role-based management, configuration, security and support for corporate and employee-owned devices. Users enroll their devices, enabling IT to provision policies and apps to those devices automatically, blacklist or whitelist apps, detect and protect against jailbroken devices, troubleshoot device and app issues, and wipe or selectively wipe a device that is lost, stolen or out of compliance. Users can use any device they choose, while IT can ensure compliance of corporate assets and secure corporate content on the device.

  • Mobile app management with the largest ecosystem of apps built for business
    XenMobile securely delivers Worx Mobile Apps, the industry’s largest collection of apps built for business. Developers leverage the Worx App SDK, a simple and powerful SDK that provides critical enterprise features into any app. The SDK leverages Citrix MDX app container technology to add features like data encryption, password authentication, secure lock and wipe, inter-app policies and micro VPNs to mobile apps. It comes with a library that can be embedded into any app with a single line of code. Developers can also opt to wrap their apps post-development without adding any code to their app. IT can find Worx-enabled apps in the Worx App Gallery and deliver these apps to devices via XenMobile. ISVs can use Worx App Gallery to promote their apps.

  • Business-class email, browser and document sharing apps
    With XenMobile, IT can deliver Citrix-developed apps that are built for business. The apps are fully containerized on the mobile device, separate from personal apps, for secure productivity. These apps include WorxMail for secure email, calendar and contact access, WorxWeb for a secure internet and Intranet access and ShareFile for secure enterprise file synchronization and sharing. WorxMail, WorxWeb and ShareFile integration deliver a rich user experience with the management and control that IT requires. These apps take advantage of capabilities in the Citrix Worx App SDK such as an app-specific VPN for secure access and a common data platform that ensures corporate data is encrypted and always under IT control.

  • Unified corporate app store
    XenMobile includes a unified corporate app store that provides a single place for users to access all of their apps – mobile, web, SaaS and Windows – on any device. Users can easily choose the apps they need for their job and have them instantly available on their devices. As they move among their favorite devices, their chosen apps follow them to ensure full productivity in any scenario.

  • Multi-factor single sign-on
    XenMobile makes it easy for IT to manage user access and radically simplify the user experience. Through the unified corporate app store, users are given secure multi-factor single sign-on across their mobile, web and Windows apps ensuring that they don’t need to remember yet-another-password.
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