Benefits and Insights

Why use XAP Elastic Caching Edition?

Key differentiators & advantages of XAP Elastic Caching Edition

  • The IMDG provides an ultra-fast client-side local cache, optimized synchronous and asynchronous replication, batch operations, and data indexing to deliver unmatched performance.
  • Smart load balancing and elastic provisioning enable scaling to meet fluctuating loads—battle-proven in the world's fastest and most demanding transactional applications.
  • Indexing improves query execution performance. The IMDG maintains additional data in-memory for indexed properties, which shortens the time required to determine a match, thereby improving data retrieval performance.
  • Maintain data integrity with 100% transactional data handling. Field-proven, reliable and high performance replication mechanism replicates data between peer nodes in the data grid.- With the industry’s leading transactional engine, sub-second hot failover, self-healing & disaster recovery capabilities, XAP has no single point of failure, reducing unplanned downtime to virtually zero. There's always at least 1 in-memory backup copy of your data, along with the additional DB backup- Native support of popular languages (Java,.Net, C++), APIs (Object/SQL, Map/JCache, JMS, JDBC, JPA and more), and frameworks (Spring, JEE) enables smooth integration with existing environments & skill sets, essentially eliminating vendor lock-in.
  • XAP provides a comprehensive cluster-wide monitoring and manangement UI, as well as an administration API that provides programmatic control over every element of in-Memory Data Grid.
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