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Why use WSO2 ESB?

Key differentiators & advantages of WSO2 ESB

With built-in support for XML, Namespaces, XPath, XSLT, XQuery, the WSO2 ESB is ready to support your XML processing needs. At the same time it is also capable of processing none XML content to a great extent.

Based on the popular Apache Synapse & Apache Axis2 projects, WSO2 ESB has proven interoperability with major Web Services stacks including Microsoft .NET WCF. The WSO2 ESB has been optimized to support high-levels of throughput at low latency, using minimal resources. It can support thousands of concurrent connections, as well as large messages using a constant memory footprint, using connection throttling. A combination of non-blocking IO and a streaming XML parsing design means that the ESB can scale as much as you need, and still perform exceedingly well.
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