Benefits and Insights

Why use WebSphere eXtreme Scale?

Key differentiators & advantages of WebSphere eXtreme Scale

  • WebSphere eXtreme Scale V8.6 enables Java and .NET applications to interact natively with the same data in the same data grid, resulting in a true enterprise-wide data grid.

  • Fast application performance: Use as a powerful distributed cache to speed application access to data

  • .Enhanced foundational capabilities: Smaller footprint of data in the grid, reduction in grid infrastructure overhead, and better performance.

  • Improved monitoring and reporting from previous versions: Provide enhanced real-time views into the grid to understand application behavior.

  • Replace expensive disk operations with replicated memory operations for lower costs, easier scaling and higher performance.

  • Linear scalability: Scale out without limitations with minimal invasive changes.

  • Broadened market applicability: Support for multiple types of replication scenarios and different approaches/technologies to access data in the grid.

  • Automatic replication of data for high availability and fault tolerance: Lower the risks of data loss and limit after-hours recovery and reconciliation efforts.

  • Automatic data placement: Automatically place data and its replicas according to user preference to increase overall availability.

  • Flexible definition of data location: Optimize use of server resources.

  • Support for non-Java client access: REST APIs for C/C++ and .NET client support via ADO.Net Data Services V1 specification.

  • New Data Serializer plug-in interfaces that allow storage of arbitrary data in the grid in a user-defined, serialized format.

  • Easily integrates with WebSphere software such as WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere DataPower XI52, WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus and IBM Worklight.

  • Built-in event and grid notification system and receive notifications about data being inserted or updated on the grid.

  • Can serve as a dynamic cache replacement with WebSphere Portal making content available in a centralized location.

  • Supports integration with WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus, WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere DataPower XI52 and IBM Worklight.
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